Mystery, adventure, and puzzles await you!
When you spot the wounded little creature, you have no idea that he's an alien. Trying to help, you find yourself piloting a UFO into space. Strange new planets, terrifying aliens, and even an interstellar war are all steps on the path to solving the mystery of THE ALIEN ENCOUNTER.

The Alien Encounter

The alien is clearly injured, and so small that he's easy to carry. You find his ship half-buried in the woods, take the alien inside, and lay him gently on his bed.

That's when everything starts to go wrong.

As the alien falls unconscious, the ship blasts off into space, with you trapped inside.

It's up to you to pilot your way across the galaxy and find a way to save the injured alien. As you search for the cure, you’ll visit strange new planets, encounter terrifying aliens, and even stumble into an interstellar war!

Ages:8 and up