Mystery, adventure, and puzzles await you!
A trip to the museum turns into a dangerous rescue mission when a secret passageway leads you to a strange land. You are forced to face terrifying creatures, an ancient city under siege and the mystery of ONE KNIGHT TOO MANY.

One Knight Too Many

Unlocking the elevator door is easy for a Mathfinder as talented as you, but what's on the other side takes your breath away: a strange underground world with mushrooms as tall as trees and stone columns that tower over everything.

As you start to explore, the ground shakes under your feet, and a dragon's roar echoes around you.

Running at top speed, you stumble into a field filled with statues of knights. You scurry behind one to hide from the dragon, and spot a curious pattern of numbered gemstones on the knight's back.

Staring at the stones, you have a feeling that your adventure is only beginning.

Ages:8 and up